I would like to give Rodd in the parts department a very special thankyou. I live in S.E. Kansas. I was in the Grand Junction area and had problems with my roadglide. No way I was going to be able to continue my trip home. A tow truck took me to the dealership, but they were closed for two days for labor day weekend. I figured I would be staying in Grand Junction for at least two to three days to get my bike repaired so I could get home. Rodd had driven by and seen me three different times sitting outside the dealership. He pulled in the third time and asked me if I had a problem. I told him yes. He kindly and on his day off for a holiday spent an hour with me finding some local help that could at least get my bike ridable so I could get home. Thankyou Rodd! Ill never forget what started as a bad day for me ended well. Thanks so much for helping! I hope I can get back to Grand Junction soon. I'll stop by the dealership to give my thanks again in person. I'm sure the whole team at Grand Junction Harley Davidson is a great bunch of folks and am looking forward to meeting them. Danny McKarnin.
Danny McKarnin
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